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The last twelve months have been challenging to say the least for hospitality businesses. A group of businesses in Finchingfield decided to come together to help each other through, not only by providing moral support, but also to use some of the Covid ‘downtime’ to proactively develop a more united approach to attract post-Covid visitors to the most picturesque village in Essex. Thus Finchingfield Business Guild was formed.

The area around Finchingfield is variously referred to as The North Essex Uplands, the Three Fields, The Essex Borders, The Hundred Parishes, but it has never been defined as a destination location in the minds of holiday makers and day trippers, so one of the first actions of the Guild has been to start to create that definition and draw together the all the venues and activities available in the locale. To this end the founding members have created a website and social media presence which will launch in early May. The website already includes a growing calendar of village events planned for this summer and beyond.

Want to be part of Finchingfield Guild? Are you missing from this website? Any other comments? Please contact us via email at 

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